Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostess Comic Book Ads

I know I promised that this entry would have more about Designer Con and would have a bunch of awesome images, but I'm still behind in image editing. Instead, I'll post these awesome old Hostess advertisements I found in some of my comics:

From "Our Fighting Forces" Issue No. 163

From "Kamandi" Issue No. 43

I'll be honest and say that I have never been much of a fan of Hostess products. They don't particularly taste like anything, often leave a weird, waxy texture in your mouth - almost like you ate an entire container of rainbow sprinkles - and some of the products (like Twinkies) tend to have "mystery moisture" inside of the packaging. However, reading about how Batman saves the day thanks to a little help from some Hostess fruit pies, or how Hostess cupcakes help Superman save the entire planet are definitely share worthy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bootleg Toys on the way to California

This year for Designer Con KiLL! and I drove to California. Instead of rushing around like mad on Friday trying to get everything done by noon so that we could set up in Pasadena around 6pm, we decided to rush around like crazy until about midnight so that we could set up first thing in the morning after driving throughout the night. Around 2 or 3am we needed to stop to for gas and found ourselves in a Chevron in Chiriaco, CA.

The inside of the Chevron was really awesome because of the bounty of bootleg toys we found on a spinning rack:

"Deformation Warriors Motorcycle"

"Super Heroes: Collect Them All!"

"Super Heroes: Collect Them All!"

"Latest Fashion Style ROBOT"

"COMbatant Cosmic Hero - Latest Technology"

"Special Design | Latest Picture | A lot of Funs"

Sky Airplane: "A Welcome Gift For the Children"

Honestly, what is there not to love about those bootlegs? Who wouldn't want the latest Fashion Style Robot? Chevron, (un?)fortunately, will never receive either of our business ever again because of their absolutely awful pro-Romney campaign that was shoved down our throats while we waited for the car to fill. Each pump is equipped with a small monitor that begins a playing a pro-Romney ad immediately after you begin fueling. The ad loops until you're done pumping your gas, stating over and over again that Obama is responsible for high gas prices, and keeping him in office will only continue to raise prices… wait, what? Since when does the President affect our current gas prices? has a good article that's all about this issue for anyone interested. Regardless of your personal political standing, being forced to watch some horse-shit like that as soon as you begin fueling your car is ridiculous and a bad idea for any major business. How many Romney supporters would want to go into a pro-Obama store that has a gigantic ad (that you're forced to watch as you're receiving a service) that goes into some psychotic anti-Romney tirade, like how he wears magical underwear because he's a Mormon?

Political nonsense completely aside, Designer Con was really fun and wonderful. KiLL! and I spent much time wandering around and enjoying seeing what everyone else had been working on and had to display. Sadly, I have no brains after more than 24 hours of sleep deprivation and thus didn't think to take more than a snapshot here and there at the convention. At one point I vanished back into the parking garage to take a nap and told KiLL! that if anyone asked about my whereabouts to tell them that I was eaten by a shark.

Both of us ended up being far too tired to drive home safely by the the end of the night (approaching 48 hours of being awake via caffeine uptake), so we spent the night hunkered down in my car in some random parking lot. Our journey continued in the morning, which was far nicer as we could actually see the passing scenery:

And also so that I could enjoy some early morning bathroom graffiti in an undisclosed McDonald's:

That's all for now! The next entry will hopefully have the few DCon photos I took, plus pictures of the goodies that will be available for sale shortly.

- xoxo Peikko