Monday, December 23, 2013

K'Nex Series 3 Super Mario Blind Bag Codes

Series 3 of the K'Nex Super Mario blind bags are out, and this set is a really great one. The common figures are Cheep Cheep, Diddy Kong, and Bullet Bill; the rare figures are Mario, Pink Yoshi, and Toad; and the "elite", or ultra rare figures are Bowser and a Hammer Brother, which come only one per case.

Here are the codes for each:

0513280 - Bullet Bill
0513280 - Cheep Cheep (double underline)
0513280 - Mario
0513280 - Bowser
0513280 - Pink Yoshi
0513280 - Toad
0513280 - Diddy Kong
0513280 - Hammer Brother