Friday, November 12, 2021

Designer Con 2021 Drops

Katerpillar is excited to have two new exclusive figures at Designer Con this year. Don’t miss out on Yakmoe “Face” Facinski and Chalmers at the DKE Toys booth 1322! 

Limited to just 20, hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded resin figure for $65. Each one comes with a set of five cards that pay homage to the multiple ways the 1988 "Fuck Face" Bill Ripken error cards were recalled/edited. 

You will get:

- Normal
- Black Box
- White Out
- Saw Cut
- Autographed (exclusive with figure)

Katerpillar will also be making a brief appearance on 11/13 (Yak's birthday!) with exclusive promo cards you can only get by finding them in person. Look for the Facinski jerseys to get your very own. 


It’s Super Nintendo Chalmers! Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded resin figure, signed and numbered edition of 20 for $65 each. Don’t miss out on the steamed ham action. 

If you're seeing this post after DCon, head over to the DKE Toys webstore to see if there are any figures leftover. Click Here to buy Chalmers and Click Here to buy Yakmoe. 

Check out all the releases on Instagram @dketoys and make sure you follow us @katerpillartoys