Saturday, November 14, 2020

DKE Con Live at DesignerCon 2020!

COVID-19 has shut down conventions all over the world, but it hasn't shut down the art community. DesignerCon 2020 is online November 13th-15th, and DKE Toys is hosting a live virtual event, DKECON! The Katerpillar is excited to take part and present: THE CHILD.

We heard everyone loves the child from Star Wars, but we have no idea why. We thought everyone hated young Anakin? With our fingers on the pulse of pop culture we've once again delivered to give the people what they want.

The Child
$65 each
Edition of 20
3.75" scale

DesignerCon 2020 is also celebrating the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future with an art show, which has over 30 custom action figures all themed around Back to the Future. We present: MOTHERS AND LOVERS.

Mothers and Lovers
$65 each
Edition of 10
3.75 scale"
Comes with bonus item

While the figure itself is an obvious reference to the disappearing photo, the title of this piece is an homage to season one, episode nine of the Netflix original series GLOW. In the episode, Marc Maron is doing lines of coke with two staff from a fundraiser party. He starts telling them about how he's spent the past decade writing a semi-autobiographical psychosexual time travel drama about a kid that can't stop thinking about having sex with his mother, so he wants to go the future where she's all old and disgusting, but instead he goes back in time and spends the whole movie trying not to fuck her. One of the staff starts laughing and tells him he's already seen that movie, crushing his dreams.

Did we mention we made a 5"x5" lenticular of the backer that comes exclusively with the figure? 

DKE Con will also have a bunch of live events over Zoom, including an interview with The Katerpillar on the 14th at 5:30pm. All #DKECON interviews will be posted on the new DKE TOYS TV YouTube Channel:

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